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how much food does
your dog need?


Our special Air-Dried Raw Formula can be used as a full meal, a kibble topper, or as a quick treat.  


The table below is a feeding guide for a healthy meal only.


There are many variables that will impact the amount you feed your pet each day, such as age, breed, weight, activity level, metabolic rate and if other foods including bones, kibble, treats, meat etc are included.


Mix in the amount of warm or cold water that most satisfies your pet, making a meal that ranges from a gravy to a thick casserole.



Puppies 1 to 6 months – Require up to 3 times the Adult grade amount*
Puppies 6 to 12 months – Require up to 1.5 times the Adult guide amount*


*Based on current weight. Divide puppy’s daily amount into 2 meals.
This table is a guide only. Add more or less warm or cold, water depending on pet’s preference. Nutritional requirements vary according to metabolic rate, breed, age and activity level. Feed more Balanced Life to Dogs during growth, gestation or lactation. Ensure drinking water is available at all times.


Transitioning and feeding tips


Changing a dog's diet can be tricky – when they’re used to eating the same thing every day, particularly food that’s full of artificial flavorings and salt. However, a little patience and persistence transitioning them to Balanced Life will ensure your dog gets the health benefits of an air-dried raw diet.


The key is to take it slow replacing a little more of the old food with Balanced Life every day. That’s why we recommend our 7 day switch.


5-7 Days

100% Balanced Life

0% Food

4-5 Days

80% Balanced Life

20% Food

3-4 Days

60% Balanced Life

40% Food

2-3 Days

40% Balanced Life

60% Food

1-2 Days

20% Balanced Life

80% Food

Not every dog is the same and some will take longer than a week to adapt to a new diet. Judge how they’re going and adapt the proportion of Balanced Life accordingly. 

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