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all the benefits of raw feeding but in an easy to feed form

Why Air Dried Raw?

A balanced raw diet is the best possible nutrition a dog or cat can get, but it’s not always easy to prepare. That’s why we’ve developed Balanced Life – we gently air dry Australian meat, vegetables and other goodies, to make a complete, balanced meal that’s easy to make and easy to store.

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What’s in Balanced Life?

To develop Balanced Life we teamed up with Dr. Bruce Syme, an Australian vet who’s been a leading expert in natural pet nutrition since 1995. Our recipes mimic the natural diet dogs and cats have thrived on in the wild for millions of years.

High in Australian meat, vitamin-rich organ meat and ground bone, and containing superfoods like cranberries, kelp, coconut and alfalfa. 4kg of these great ingredients make up every 1kg of Balanced Life food.

It’s grain and gluten free and contains no fillers, just everything a healthy dog or cat needs.

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How it works

Balanced Life food is easy to prepare.

Simply scoop out the amount of food described

on the pack feeding guide, add water, stir and serve.It’s that simple.

Balanced Life for dogs

Our dog food contains the perfect ratio of meat, vegetables and bone to support healthy skin, joints and digestion. Available in four delicious flavours – salmon, lamb, kangaroo and chicken, and in two sizes – 1kg and 3.5kg bags.

Our succulent, everyday Companion Treats come in the same four delicious flavours – salmon, lamb, kangaroo and chicken and make a great complementary snack.

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Balanced Life for cats

A high meat:vegetable ratio, rich in taurine and full of all the nutritional elements needed to keep your cat healthy. Available in two delicious flavours – salmon and kangaroo, in a 700g bag.

Our mouth-watering Companion Treats come in the same flavours –  salmon and kangaroo, and our chopped into smaller bites for easy chewing and digestion.

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What people are saying

We’ve been given a much coveted 5* rating by Pet Food Reviews Australia and social media can’t get enough of us. Find out more here

We Are Awesome


  • “Got a little bit too excited about trying the new @balancedlifepet treat range.”

  • “We have finally found a food that Evie does not run away from”

  • “Tried the new Balanced Life with our boys tonight. The three of them loved it. Even the fussiest one ate it up without a problem”

  • “Just wanted to share the fact that my gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback Kira absolutely loves your Balanced Life food. Thank you so much for producing such a wonderful food”


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